Formidable and impressively researched.”

RICHARD REEVES, author of Infamy:
The Shocking Story of the Japanese American Internment in World War II

Bob Asahina’s wonderful book more than does justice to the history of the 442d and the brave men who wore its patch and called it home. Just Americans will be news to many, and for that reason, if for no other, I hope it becomes required reading in high school and college history courses. I pray that the stories he tells become known far and wide, so that the ‘mistakes’ of our lamentable past may be less likely to be repeated.”

LUCIAN K. TRUSCOTT IV, author of Dress Gray and Heart of War

Many a survivor of that bitter 1944-45 winter of WWII will be happy to see the men of the 100th Battalion/442d Regimental Combat Team getting their bravery recognized. They became a legend among the infantry units fighting in the Vosges Mountains.”

TONY HILLERMAN, veteran of C Company, 410th Infantry,
and best-selling author of the Joe Leaphorn/Jim Chee mysteries

Just Americans is a wonderful account of a heroic wonder — people who gave everything for a country that seemed intent on taking everything away from them. If citizenship is earned, here are the Americans who most deserve their pay. If citizenship is bequeathed, here is freedom’s greatest legacy. If citizenship is a blessing, here are the patriot saints.”

P.J. O’ROURKE, author of Peace Kills and Give War a Chance

It was with American enthusiasm and Japanese tenacity that Japanese Americans overcame both persecution and resentment to fight most bravely on European battlefields in 1944-45, and Robert Asahina too needed both enthusiasm and tenacity to recover for history their doings and undoings. While adding to scholarship, the rich detail here masterfully presented makes for exciting reading.”

EDWARD N. LUTTWAK, historian, author of Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace,
and senior adviser to the Center for Strategic & International Studies